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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from AXA!

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A warm hello and Happy Mid Autumn-Festival from your family here at AXA! Traditionally, Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday associated with family reunion and peace, and the festival is celebrated with the moon is at its biggest and fullest. On this day of reunion, we wish a harvest of smiles to you and your friends and family.

Sending you warm wishes and many moon cakes!

AXA International Moon Cake

Moon cake is a traditional Chinese baker product eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Typical mooncakes are round pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 3–4 cm thick.

There is a folk tale about the overthrow of Mongol rule facilitated by messages smuggled in moon cakes. Mooncakes were said to be used by the Ming revolutionaries in their effort to overthrow the Mongolian rulers of China at the end of the Yuan dynasty. The mooncakes contained a secret message coordinating the Han Chinese revolt on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. Another method of hiding a message was to print it on the surfaces of mooncakes (which came in packages of four), as a simple puzzle or mosaic. To read the message, each of the four mooncakes was cut into four parts. The resulting 16 pieces were pieced together to reveal the message. The pieces of mooncake were then eaten to destroy the message. [source]

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