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Stainless steel saucepan


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Innovation Initiatives

AXA is not simply a manufacturer. We pride ourselves in Innovation Initiatives and our Research & Development team works tirelessly to be the most up to date in the latest and greatest stainless steel applications for the home. Due to intellectual property protection and to give our clients the first mover advantage, we are unable to show our latest developments on the web. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Product Development

AXA has pioneered many important facets of product development. Our determination comes from our motivation to learn and explore all possibilities and our efforts have continued to strengthen and widen our expertise and capabilities across the marketplace.

As AXA develops more innovative and creatively designed products, they are patented and exhibited in our private Hong Kong showroom or at trade shows for our clients' consideration. 

Manufacturing Services

AXA International is a leading supplier of premium cookware products with extensive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) capabilities.

From concept and design to marketing, manufacturing and packaging, AXA draws on its experience to support the most sophisticated and high quality product requirements.


AXA's commitment to you includes ongoing quality audits to assure compliance with your specifications and expectations along with prompt and effective communication to ensure the smoothest process from beginning to end.

Quality Assurance


AXA has a private, in-house laboratory to test in accordance with EN 12983, BS 7096/6743, DIN 44904 and CMA standards.


AXA also has extensive experience with renowned external testing organizations such as SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas for further testing, inspecting and certification. These legal frameworks ensure that AXA provides you with safe products.



Spot checks during production and uniform data entry of manufactured materials from coils to finished goods allow us to consistently produce high quality products.



  • The quality of our products is well recognized by our clients who have awarded us various accolades over the years, highlighting our service and quality delivery.

  • We have received recognition within consumer reports worldwide through reputable associations

  • Our operation within China has been rated as an “A-rated Credible Company” by the national governing authorities.

Production Management

AXA is ISO 9001 Certified.

ISO 9001 is the world’s most established quality framework, currently being used by 1,064,000 organizations in 178 countries worldwide. It sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general.

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