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About our Manufacturing Facility...

AXA fully owns its own world-class factory in China. With well-defined production planning and smooth implementation, our production capacity reaches 6 million pieces of cookware per year.

Our Internal Manufacturing Goals:

    • Increase product variety and maintain high product performance. 
    • Offer flexibility on production quantity and product specification. 
    • Showcase capability in design, engineering and production. 
    • Be inspired to create innovative products and lead the marketplace in material breakthroughs and technology improvement. 
    • Be proactive to market trends in product research & development. 
    • Maintain market and customer recognition. 
    • Always achieve high quality performance in all areas. 


Guangdong AXA Home Co., Ltd.
No.18, Shunde road, North of Xincheng Industry Zone, Xincheng Town, Xinxing county, Yunfu City, Guangdong, China
Total landscape: 260,000 square meters 
Floor area: 100,000 square meters 
Employee: 1,000 workers 
Total annual production capacity: 6 millions pots 
Impact bonding machines: 9 (up to 2,500 tons) 
Polishing lines: 16 (includes 3 automatic lines)
Assembling lines: 16 (includes 3 automatic lines)
Packaging lines: 4


AXA was the proud founder of the first fully automated production line in a Chinese stainless steel factory is on production by 2006. It increases the efficiency of production, creating a higher level of quality and consistency. Automation adds an additional 4 million units to production capacity in 2006 for an annual total of 16 million units. For those clients who are not quite at this volume yet, we have implemented key semi-automation points in our smaller batch manufacturing line in order to get you the best quality goods at the most advantageous rate.


AXA was the first licensed non-stick DuPont coating line in stainless steel cookware in China. Having an in-house line guarantees quality, consistency, and reduces production lead time by eliminating outsourcing. This coating line is capable of adapting to many different coating brands, types, and materials for a wide range of nonstick coating applications available to our clients.

Quality & Safety

ISO 9001 certified: ISO 9001 provides the ability to control and identify problems in the production process enabling us to make the commitment to you to provide the highest quality product. We continuously work with international regulatory bodies to maintain the most updated standards in product and facility safety and social responsibility.

In-house laboratory: Newly renovated in 2016,  our experimental facilities are equipped to test all aspects of the cookware we produce in accordance with international safety standards, including but not limited to: EN 12983, BS 7096/6743 and DIN 44904.

Supply Chain

Material: Our steel raw materials are supplied from Japan, Korea and a small portion from China. In order to maintain a sufficient and timely material supply, we perform a detailed assessment of a supplier before any purchase agreement and audit the supplier on a continuous basis. We maintain a high ranking with our suppliers to continue to be a priority among all of our vendors. AXA retains a full time team to monitor the changing prices of raw materials globally so as to reduce any unnecessary costs and be able to minimize drastic cost fluctuations for our ongoing customers. Our upgraded ERP system can also provide detailed forecasts on consumption and inventory.

Logistics: The AXA factory is located in a less congested city which can help reduce traffic delays in domestic shipments. Precise planning by our factory managers allows for the smooth flow of vertical product from coils to finished goods. 3 sea ports in mainland China are available for overseas delivery and we also have an additional choice to appoint porter services to deliver containers to the Hong Kong cargo terminal. We have containers flowing worldwide on a weekly basis and are happy to help coordinate any logistics you may need to get your product into the hands of consumers in a timely and efficient manner.

Outsourcing: Our outsourcing office provides the same AXA level of service for your alternative product needs. Die cast aluminum, cast iron, plastics, ceramics, silicone, tin -- you name it, we can find it. Our experience in different markets and our long term relationship with various suppliers gives us the edge to find the perfect supplier match to the products you are looking for.

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