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WHO we are...

AXA International Limited is an innovative cookware manufacturer providing top-notch quality and service worldwide since 1991. We endeavour to provide top quality products to clients while achieving sustainable growth.

We continually look ahead, thriving to understand the trends and forces that will shape our future, and constantly refine our product development direction as we progress. It is our passion to learn, discover, and develop material and technology advancements for all our customers to enjoy. Our dedication to innovation keeps us at the forefront of the industry, and as we interact with you we hope to inspire as much as we are inspired.

Waterless cooking


1963: Mr. Lam Tze founded Lynns Concepts, a company supplying high quality ceramic dinnerware, serveware, and other tabletop items to the global marketplace.


1991: Lynns Concepts founded Xinxing Alliance Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. The new cookware company brought commercial manufacturing to a small farming town in the Guangzhou province. Over the years, the stainless steel company supported a vast increase in the region's cookware production capability and the town is one of the preeminent cookware manufacturing hot spots of China today.

1996: As the product line expanded and product demands increased, Alliance Stainless Steel Co. Ltd formed a joint venture manufacturing plant with Belgium cookware manufacturer, ALVA. The synergy between the eastern and western companies is a uique advantage that we still embrace to this day, Alliance X ALVA = AXA.

Today: Under the guidance of Chairman Mr. Gavin Lam, AXA has established a strong market presence and is at the forefront of the cookware industry. AXA constantly sources and reviews a wide variety of quality suppliers to be able to set a wide product range and ensure customer satisfaction.


Our values reflect our standards, and it is our standards that we hold in highest priority as they help us to guarantee the best service and products to our customers. Our Mission statement, "Our pride is based on your success", reflects our mission to continuously better ourselves so that we can guarantee our clients' success. We strive to continually learn, be inspired and are committed to a longterm partnership towards success far into the future.


AXA is a major component of the Lynns Global Corporate Group. Our parent company specializes in tabletop items while our specialty is in cookware.

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